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The Positive Power of Stress

Have you ever been promised a stress-free life? Sign up to this newsletter to learn how to live stress-free… Download that cheat sheet to live a life without stress… Or even worse, pay for a course that promises you to live a life without stress? To be blunt, a life without stress is a life without a heartbeat. You would be dead.

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Employ a Mum

I am going to take a risk here and make a statement that goes against all my educational training. There has been no examination of the research terms. I haven’t used validated assessment tools to confirm my conclusion. I haven’t ensured my sample is diverse and representative. But I have reached a conclusion anyway, and, am going to boldly declare it.

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From little things big things grow...

There is much talk about improving gender equality in the professional services and there are some terrific initiatives out there. Policies and procedures and practices and promotional days are all very well and good, but what I feel is missing is the individualised support required to make the most of these initiatives.

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