bailey bosch Work/Life strategist

I help organisations to create family friendly policy and work with individuals who need work life balance

I specialise in advising and consultancy around remote and flexible working solutions for both individual and corporate clients. My services are different from those offered by other life coaches. I offer personalised coaching and assessment that is informed by psychological evidence. I also bring to my work my own life experience combining a professional career with raising my five young children.


My philosophy is simple

I want to help you to reach your goals as quickly and as simply as possible using proven strategies that are evidence-based. My number one goal is to help my clients recognise that you can have a career and a family and that success in one part of life doesn’t have to come at a cost to the other.


I can work with you as a Life Strategist to:

  • Turn off your stress response and halt burnout in its tracks

  • Bounce back from setbacks and challenges

  • Improve your time management skills and increase your productivity

  • Set firm boundaries and be assertive enough to keep them

  • Use your intrinsic motivators to move your life forward in the direction you choose

  • Increase your optimism and hope for the future

  • Control your fear, worry and guilt around being a working parent

What you will gain by working with me:

  • Skills to help you blend your work and family roles

  • Strategies to move between thoughts, feelings and behaviours to reduce guilt and worry

  • More confidence

  • More happiness and meaning in your life

  • Feeling more relaxed and engaged within your home and family

  • Find purpose and motivation

  • Set and achieve targeted and strategic career goals

  • Find joy in your children and peace in your home


Services for Individuals

Sometimes it all just feels too hard and too overwhelming. The cognitive load that comes with being a working parent is immense. I offer individual services to help you navigate your way through this season of struggle and stress.

Corporate Services

I work with organisations to help them plan and implement family friendly policy. For those organisations with strong policy already in place, my services scaffold around what is already available to employees by offering individualised and tailored support.


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